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a hoax unraveled and a plot foiled

Wilfred Reilly is a political science professor at Kentucky State University, a historically black university in Frankfort. But at heart, he is, as he says, “a regular dude from Chicago.” As such, he can feel concern about a rise in right-wing extremism and warnings from hate trackers that unscripted angry …

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Republicans report Cohen to justice department for allegedly lying in testimony – live | US news

3.07pm EST15:07 Footage has emerged of Mark Meadows, the Republican congressman who during yesterday’s Cohen hearing furiously denied being racist, engaging conspiracy theories regarding Barack Obama’s country of birth. Specifically Meadows, who played a prominent role in Wednesday’s committee hearing, promised supporters during the 2012 election campaign that he and …

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Somalia: 4 dead in bomb blast in the capital

Cars burn after car bombs in Mogadishu, Somalia, Thursday Feb. 28, 2019. At least four people were killed in a powerful explosion late Thursday in the Somali capital, Mogadishu, police said, in an attack that Islamic extremists said was an attempt to bomb a hotel. Militants detonated a car bomb …

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