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Grab raises more money — again – TechCrunch

Southeast Asia’s highest-capitalized startup is sitting on even more money from investors today after ride-hailing Grab announced it has raised $300 million from Invesco. The deal takes Singapore-based Grab $7.5 billion raised to date. The money is part of its ongoing — feels-like-everlasting — Series H round which was started …

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Our Samsung Galaxy A30 video review is up

Samsung has revamped its mid-range lineup this year, and the A series devices now have two digits after the letter. As its name implies, the Galaxy A30 is far from the highest-end of the bunch (that honor goes to the A80, for now), but it is an interesting contender nevertheless, …

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NTWRK moves into live IRL events – TechCrunch

NTWRK, is a fascinating experiment in live video shopping for the iPhone set. It’s been described as a blend of QVC and Twitter and Twitch and they just got a new slice of money from investors like Drake and Live Nation to expand into physical events. There’s been a bunch …

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